Vision & Values

– We are committed to high-quality programming that creates community and ignites passions. 

– We believe anyone of any age can learn as well as inspire. 

– We strive to bring people in our community together by sharing knowledge and to excite curiosity. 

– We will give back to those who are determined to make our home better than it was yesterday.

Who We Are

The Wonder Community is a lifelong learning program where members join to meet curious people and learn new things. Our guiding principles include “paying it forward” so that good deeds are multiplied, giving back to those who are determined to make our home better, and demanding inclusivity to provide equal and equitable access to all. 

This learning platform will allow talented people to be their authentic selves while sharing their knowledge and passions to showcase what our community can truly be. 

The Wonder Community of Lifelong Learning is supported by the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research to be a community-based education platform that propels multi-generational learning.

Our Launch Committee

The team that helped make it happen with thoughtful ideas over good food and conversation.

Deborah Powell

Pittsylvania County School Principal

Kellie Wyatt Headshot
Kellie Wyatt

Outreach & Membership Coordinator

Sierra Petty - Headshot
Sierra Petty

Resource Room Specialist

Stephen Stewart

Marketing Associate

Vincent Sutton - Headshot 2
Vincentt Sutton

Fellow – Opportunity Neighborhoods

Workshop Presenters
Days of Wonder

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