Join Our Community

What is a supporter?

A supporter is a member of our community. As a supporter of the Wonder Community, you can take advantage of all the lifelong learning and networking opportunities during your annual membership. We understand that both your time and your “treasure” are valuable, so as part of this unique program, you can pay with either. Each level of support has a monetary value (“treasure”) along with a dedicated number of workshops you can commit to leading. If you choose to participate as a presenter and give of your time, workshop proposals will be reviewed through our onboarding process. Workshops need to be presented during our fall, winter, or spring terms. See “Become a Presenter” for more details and to apply. Please do not complete the supporter application if you would like to become a presenter and give your time.

Why Join?

We believe anyone of any age can learn as well as inspire. Individuals who join our community will have access to great benefits including professional development and brand marketing. Supporters will also have exclusive access to an online member portal to register for workshops, browse the community directory, and manage account information. Each level of support also offers unique benefits and advantages.

Give Back 60%

In the spirit of “paying it forward”, we pledge 60% of each supporter payment will share your love of learning by going directly back into the community. Supporters can choose for this donation to go to a nonprofit organization of their choice OR it can go directly towards another individual’s basic Eureka membership. Organizations must be classified as 501(c)(3) and agree to participate in our charitable giving program.

Become a member

Join our community of learning by either paying the amount listed under each membership tier, or commit to presenting the number of workshops shown beside it. This is our “pay or present to join” option! If you choose to pay the fee, remember 60% is donated to a nonprofit of your choice. 

Membership Levels Eureka Thinker Family Dreamer Philosopher
$10 or 1 workshop
$25 or 2 workshops
$35 family of 4*
$40 or 4 workshops
$75 or 5 workshops
Access to all workshops
Welcome gift (100 members)
Quarterly newsletter
Custom name badge
Annual member luncheon
Logo or promo feature in newsletter
Job posting or event in newsletter**
PD & coaching 1 hour***
Mock interview & resume overview***
  • *Family membership for individuals of the same household only.
  • **Job posting or event feature in one quarterly newsletter.
  • ***Professional Development, Coaching, and Resume Review to be done by community professionals with real-world work experience.

Become a Patron

If you have finally found your people and want to do more, consider becoming a patron! Donations go directly toward helping members of our community learn more, do more, and be more. Each donation, no matter the amount, is vital to the “life” portion of lifelong learning to help sustain and enhance this platform.

Scholarships Available

Scholarships are available for a basic Eureka Membership if individuals have financial need. Please complete our scholarship application and share as much information as you can. A staff member will contact you if you are awarded. Funds for these scholarships have been generously donated by other community members or from grant funding.