Become a Presenter

As a workshop presenter, you will inspire others with your passion and knowledge. Each participant should complete a Workshop Proposal to be considered. A staff member will contact you to schedule your 10- to 15-minute idea pitch. This is the time for you to present what you will be teaching, show any visuals, and share technology needs. If you are interested in planning a learning series, please let us know during the idea pitch.  Remember, the more workshops you present, the more benefits you get! By paying with your “time”, you are eligible for a membership package depending on how many workshops you present annually. You can see a full list of membership levels and benefits on the ‘Join Our Community page.

Each presenter will get 15 seconds at the end of each workshop to promote a product, business, social media page, or other sharable content. This is a great time to voice your personal “why” for leading the workshop, encourage others to join your movement, or plug community events.

Learning Paths

Get inspired with these learning paths. Topics do not have to fall under these categories, they are just helpful suggestions.

Share your passion, hobby, random know-how, or interest on any topic.

Educators can lead workshops to support each other through topics such as classroom activities, curriculum development, mental health practices, tech, and more.

Let’s understand our environment better with workshops on gardening, food security, climate change, or nature.

Invite others to discuss topics that may change their perspectives and encourage a variety of vantage points.

Who doesn’t like to learn and eat at the same time!

Health and wellness are essential for a happy life. Lead workshops that help others improve mental, physical, and emotional health.